Monday, 28 August 2017

2017 Manaiakalani Annual Hui-Kahui Ako

This past Friday, the Manaiakalani Cluster held it's annual Hui at the Panmure Yacht & Boating Club.  During the day, I had two different chances to share my Inquiry with my colleagues and those in attendance.

During the morning session, the Spark-MIT teachers gave our first Ignite Talk to those in attendance.  It was a great opportunity to share and present a short (6 minute) presentation about what I have been doing with my literacy students this year. I was able to realise a few things about what I had prepared in order to help better prepare myself for our upcoming session at the New Zealand ULearn conference in October.

My Presentation Board
Our CoL teachers were also able to share our inquiries in a "science fair style" poster presentation that enabled participants to move around and view what we have been doing.

Participants were given a bingo style card for us to sign when our booth was visited and interacted with.  Many participants took some time to leave extremely positive and helpful comments on our blogs. During this time, many stopped by my booth and talked about how they had been following my professional blog this year and using some of the things I've talked about in their own classrooms.

Perhaps the most rewarding conversation I was able to have was with Rebecca Jesson from the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, whose findings and suggestions I have based most of my implementations on.  It was so reassuring to hear what she had to say and to answer the questions that she had after hearing my speech in the earlier session of the day.

Speaking with Manaiakalani's Dave Winters at the Hui.

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