Saturday, 14 October 2017

ULearn 2017: Digital Literacy Across the Divide

Breakout #6: Digital literacy across the divide
Presenter: Cleo Woodall

Short films with No Dialogue: Use to pull apart the portions of a narrative plot line.  After watching the film, small groups form to collaboratively decide which part of the story matches the elements of a story plot while describing why.

Use the “Bernard” series for recount writing.

To help with character writing, “Geoff Short Film” Look at the development of the character throughout the film.

Give It Meaning-

Using Google Drawing to create a digital image by using the various shape/line tools, graphics, png images and layering, while playing with the textures.
A student created this image of Matariki on Google Drawing.

This is so cool….I would love to investigate this further and have my class give it a go this term.  Perhaps as a launch to use for writing their own song lyrics?

When writing a script, after filming, have the kids come back in and adjust their script to match what happened while this in a different colour to show the post editing changes.

Short and Sharp
Provide students with a structure (poetry or paragraph) that they have to follow in order to complete a task.
Using websites such as: 100 word Challenge or 5 sentence challenge as a weekly assignment provides an opportunity for students to independently write after scaffolding and modeling how to use the site and complete the assignments.


  1. Looks great Angela. Thanks for sharing all the breakouts you attended. I have really enjoyed your recounts and reflections.

    1. Thank you Dorothy. I had an amazing time and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Hopefully, others who were unable to attend will be able to benefit from some of the things that I have shared.