Saturday, 14 October 2017

ULearn 2017: Embracing the Pasifika Culture...

Breakout Session #7: Embracing the Pasifika culture to enhance educational outcomes for our Tagata Aoao
Presenter: Danielle Boxall

“Embracing who you are no matter how you look.”
  • Implement focused programmes in targeted schools with high Pasifika rolls which will accelerate the learning of this group
  • Provide professional development to upskill educators
  • Provide alternative pathways and learning opportunities to increase success.
  • Reduce the rate of suspensions and exclusions
  • Increase the rate of National Standard Achievement to 85% across all learning areas
How are we as a school, and myself as a classroom teacher, doing at raising this learning achievement standard?  I know we say 1.5 years progress is our aim each year, but does that mean that my class reaching that 85%?

This is a really nice graphic that shows the National 2016 data by cultural group.  
What would my class data look like compared to this graphic at the end of the year?  Even wondering, what would it look like now?

Integration of Learning:

Transdisciplinary Learning-Using more than one branch of knowledge to create learning that transcends the traditional and encompasses authentic and connected big ideas

Self-directed learning - Allowing students to choose their learning based on personal strengths or areas of interest and encouraging skills that will enable them to take responsibility for their own learning and success

Key Strategies for Pasifika Students
  1. Let them be social-group work can produce great things
  2. Have a laugh-change your tone from angry to silly but with the same message
  3. Don’t embarrass them in front of their peers
  4. Create opportunities for movement-sitting for long periods of time is unnatural
  5. Provide opportunities for creativity and expression
  6. Be real, be an aiga.

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