Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Overall Evaluation of My Intervention

Write an overall evaluation of your intervention in terms of the causal chain you had theorised. i.e. To what extent was the intervention successful in changing factors such as teaching? To what extent were those changes in teaching effective in changing patterns of student learning? (WFRC?)

This year, I spent some time thinking about the causal chain for my inquiry and I choose two key factors to hypothesise about in an earlier blog post seen here.

Scaffolding: This was a very successful part of my teaching to consider this year with my priority learners. By conducting regular Running Records, and monitoring student work regularly, I was able to indicate the exact areas that students were finding challenging and modify my teaching approach to address those issues, either independently or as a group. 

Collaborative Sharing Time: This has been so much fun!  Since the shift in my class was ongoing, I enjoyed having the students work between groups at random times during the year. This also meant that I was able to stretch my readers more by providing them with a more challenging text, but a group of students to work with that are working at the reading level of the challenging text. Students were able to hold deeper conversations and complete their learning tasks with a wider variety of students. 

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