Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Professional Inquiry 2015

At Pt. England School, our staff is learning throughout the year while conducting our own personal Professional Inquiries.  Throughout the term, we will be meeting in a small group, to discuss our findings of similar interest.  I am so excited to be learning this way, and working with my students to develop a new way of learning for them.

Currently, many of my students are working 2-4 years below their grade level in Reading.  I am challenged with the task of helping them to achieve more than one grade level of achievement during this school year.  Many of these students have learning difficulties and/or come from ESOL families. I have always believed that every child has the capability to learn, but it's finding the key that unlocks that individuals ability that is often the challenge.

As part of my personal Inquiry, I am going to be looking into the best way(s) to scaffold higher order thinking for below and well-below students through reading activities. I will also be investigating the SOLO taxonomy and ways to incorporate and scaffold elements into the reading tasks set before my students.

I am so excited to begin this process, and I look forward to meeting with the others from my collaboration group as we work together to achieve our goals for the year!