Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Jannie van Hees-Vocabulary Expansion

Vocabulary Knowledge

Points to ponder:  The more thematic and connected you are within your literacy lessons the more knowledge students are going to retain.

Major Sources of Vocabulary for Students:
  • Noticed by Students
anywhere/anytime/any texts
  • Oral Texts
face to face, television, radio, internet, lectures, presentations, classroom
conversation and dialogue
  • Written texts
teacher selected-academic-curricular text and incidental
student selected-school texts/outside of school texts

Points to ponder: The more you instill in your students the love for words, the more they are going to retain and grow their vocabulary.

-Context Ready (Can I use the word in sentences that are detailed and well-shaped?)
-explain/meaning ready (Can I explain the word’s meaning without using the word?)

Using a NewsCast to pick up Vocabulary
  1. Unpack the topic
  2. Share vocabulary heard (after 1st listening)
  3. Teacher has prepared Rich Vocabulary Caught list
  4. 2nd listening (NO VIDEO) but words are show on screen to read with commentary

***Students can do this exact process with any video and have them create the
steps themselves to share with others.

Points to ponder: In order to write well, you need to know the subject well.

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