Thursday, 17 August 2017

Pt. England COL Inquiry Presentation

This week, the PES COL teachers were asked to do a five minute presentation for the rest of our staff sharing how our Inquiries are going up to this point.  I found it so beneficial taking the time to go through where I am in my Inquiry now and the path that I have taken to come to this point with my class and in particular my focus group.

As I prepare my presentation for our upcoming Manaiakalani Hui next week, I am so thankful that I was able to share a portion of what will become part of that presentation ahead of time.  I compiled a video with a voice over recording of the presentation that I gave to include on my blog primarily for those who have asked to have a copy of certain parts for their own reference or further inquiry, but also as a great reminder of where I am at to this point.


  1. The CoL teachers at our school did our staff presentation this afternoon. I completely agree, the process of needing to present my inquiry back to staff, provided the opportunity for me to reflect on how my inquiry was set up within my blog. It needed adjusting! As with you, it was also an opportunity to refine ideas around 'what' I am going to present at the Manaiakalani Hui, as well as 'how' I'm going to present it. Great learnings from this process.

    1. Thanks Hinerau! I also realised that the presentation helped formulate what I wanted to put on my presentation board as well for our CoL sharing at the Hui. Reviewing at this depth is such a simple thing to overlook when you're not required to do it, and I hope that I force myself to take the time in the future. The benefits definitely outweigh the time involved.