Friday, 15 September 2017

Empowering Student Selected Texts

The one common question that I am asked about my Inquiry this year is "How have you gone about providing students with opportunities to select their own texts keeping to the overall topic?"   In all honesty, this was something that I have struggled with for a few months especially considering that my students are so young and new to learning on a Chromebook.  Did I really want to release my control over what they were doing online?   I have come to realise that by scaffolding across my reading levels, they are all definitely able to do some self exploration, especially at this point in the school year.

This week, I had a group of students reading a book about the solar system. After reading, students were asked to think of something they would like to know more about from the book.  I gave the a graphic organiser on a Google Slide to fill out and asked that they hyperlink each website they used to learn something new about their chosen topic.

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