Friday, 13 April 2018

DMIC Term 1 Reflection

The PES Staff spent the last day of the term with some members of the team from DMiC.  The first part of our morning was spent doing some personal reflection on how things are going so far.

Point to Remember:
Having children dig deep to work through the problem solving process is more valuable than actually solving the problem.

What has worked well? Why?
-Using mixed ability learning groups has provided such a different atmosphere of learning.  Students are able to work together and learn from each other. It has been fun watching students question each other and have to ‘defend’ their thinking process to their peers.

How do our children feel and act about learning maths this way?
-Although it has been a learning curve for them, they really enjoy the freedom to explore their own problem solving process and not have to use a scripted method.

What have been your struggles? Why?
Bringing in those kids who just refuse to participate. Engaging the students who are quite happy to sit back (or roll on the ground) and let the others solve the problem for them.

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