Monday, 26 November 2018

Critical Successes: A Reflection

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The past 12 months have provided many challenges (and stresses!) in my classroom. However, through determination and keeping my eye focused on the real reason I am teaching (my students) I have pushed past the hard times and focused on Key Competencies with my students for much of the school year. Ensuring that behavioural expectations are clear and achievable for all my students early on in the year and keeping that line strong and clear has allowed for students to feel safe and provided for student self-efficacy to flourish. I believe my biggest success this year is in the growth of my students despite the outside factors playing against us. The level of achievement that my students have made during the year has me amazed. There is still room to grow and steps to be taken to continue for future successes, but the data is looking good.

My own personal growth in understanding the DMIC way of maths has been developed and I am now feeling more confident in delivering a successful DMIC style maths program. Once we restructured out learning groups (socially based) students began to flourish. We also began planning together which allowed for the students in our space to work together on their non-DMIC days with students from any learning group.

The Inquiry I conducted into my own teaching has been personally rewarding with the growth that I have been able to see in my teaching and look into how I inquire for my inquiry. This has been largely based on the amazing PD we received as CoL teachers that was easily adapted into our daily classroom teaching and reflection process.


  1. I agree, this last 32 week have been stressful. I have also found a new passion for teaching the key competencies explicitly to my learners, as I think they are where 21st century skills live in the New Zealand Curriculum document. I am interested to know more about DMIC maths? I am taking a play-based new entrants class in the new year and have seen that other new entrants teachers are using this approach to teaching maths. Kia Kaha! You made it!

    1. Hi Rebecca! DMIC stands for Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities. It is sometimes referred to as "Bobbi Maths" and was developed in part by Bobbi Hunter of Massey University. Check out this site for further information. (