Wednesday, 29 January 2020

PES PD: Equitable Outcomes in Maths

Did our shift in maths pedagogy create equitable outcomes?  What can we do to make it a more PES equitable experience?

Our students need tangible materials to help with their understanding of a problem (when needed). However, they also need to be TAUGHT how to use those materials.  We, as a school, need a little more structure and sequence with our teaching paths that will incorporate the concepts and teaching styles of DMIC. We will be unpacking this as a staff this week.

While we still we be structuring culturally relevant problems, our groups will be extremely fluid. Socially, academically, and structurally allowing for ability stretching are great ways to structure learning groups for different opportunities.

This was such a valuable PD session as a staff as we reflected on what worked well and what was successful for our students during our two years of DMIC roll out and mentoring. Although we gained a tremendous insight into culturally relevant problem solving and how that could look with our students while providing formative data, we also had to step back and realise the gaps that we were now missing in the content knowledge that could be measured formatively.

I am excited to explore this more this year as I begin my 2020 Inquiry into teaching.

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