Friday, 24 February 2017

2017 PES Maths Inquiry

This year, the teachers at Pt. England will be receiving Maths focused Professional Development.  In addition to this PD, we will be conducting our own personal inquires into our own teaching practice of maths.

My 30 (Year 4) Maths students range in ability from NZ Curriculum Stages 1-early 5.  The majority of my students are working below or well below grade level expectation.  

I have decided to focus my inquiry on investigating which method(s) of rewindable learning will be most beneficial to achieving accelerated learning with my below and well-below students.  I will also be inquiring into the best ways to build student confidence and understanding of basic maths knowledge in an effort to have accelerated learning take place by the end the school year.  

clipart prof de maths


  1. Hi Angela,
    I am really interested in your inquiry. I am especially excited about your basic facts focus. I know that basic fact can be a huge gap for our learners. What methods are you thinking of using to build confidence with basic facts? Last year we tried to implement basic facts practice as a whole class but found that it took a lot of time. How will you make basic facts part of your maths program?

    I look forward to seeing and hearing about your inquiry as it unfold.


    1. Hi Clarelle! Thanks so much for you comment. So far this term, I have been focusing primarily on skip counting. I'm trying to keep it fun and light hearted during our micro-teaching time. We are also playing an around the circle game as a whole class a few times a week to see if we can make it all the way around the circle without stopping. Every time someone takes too long, or is unsure, we go back to the person who started and start again. They really seem to like this method. We'll see how it helps to improve individually as we continue in our micro setting. Have you found anything successful with your students this year?

  2. Look forward to seeing how this plays out and what you find works for your learners Ange - such a challenge with such a diverse group. Is there a particular group you are focussing on. When I was in Stephs room the other day her kids were loving counting along with a Youtube clip she had - that they were really engaged with and made me think about how we can share these types of resources across the school know doubt you are finding stuff that works too :)

    1. Thanks Toni! I am trying to do rewindable learning with all my groups when I am able depending on their WALT. So far, it's going pretty well using EE and I am seeing my kids use the rewindable folder during class to their benefit.