Thursday, 26 July 2018

CoL Meeting: Russell's Message for Term 3

It is important to remember not to over scaffold and not promote independent thinking will not allow the opportunity for students to have metacognitive growth.

Success of our students needs to be evaluated by the teachers to ensure that change is occurring to make those success continue to happen for those children. Our success must be evaluated by looking at the value added to the student's understanding.  It is important to remember that teaching is an intervention...and it is important to remember that 'great teachers make children learn.'

What do we need most in Term 3? It is the 'bomb' term.  Go hard!  There are no tests, reports or major interruptions (productions, Fiafia).  Therefore, the 'guts' of our Inquiry need to be completed by around week 4 Term 4. This is the term to push for your Inquiry and student acceleration. We must be able to deliver the curriculum really well,  and make sure its visible. If the learning is not visible, then we as educators have failed. Student work must be in the right place on their Drive and shared on their blogs.

Extending Language

The language of success v GI cheechee
  • motivation
  • expectations
  • What language do we speak when it matter most?
  • Remember the cultural origins
  • How do we grow/revisit/maintain language & concepts 
    • How are going to do this during Term 3?
  • Link the language of success to the known environment
  • Make children speak to the known environment
  • Provide them with a formula or template
  • Sing my song
  • Write really interesting stuff with a real world purpose
We need to be sure to plan effectively to promote listening, speaking, reading and writing into our planning on a weekly basis. We need to have things that actually deliver the WALT's we have planned. If they don't, it means that our students are not improving unless they are directly working in front of the teacher. 
  • Number of iterations of high value activities
  • Real world context
  • Check in points/conferencing/direct instruction
  • 2x week meeting minimum
  • completed work
  • visible
  • published
Our students need to be posting to their blogs a minimum of 2 times a week.  This will directly impact our accelerated progress. 

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