Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Beginning a Teaching as Inquiry Process

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During our staff meeting the PES teachers took some time to think about planning our 2019 Inquiry into our own Teaching. There were many great points to think about that I thought were worth noting from that meeting.

What am I trying to achieve?  A lens through a subject or a subject through a lens?
Each term: What is your mini goal? How can you align your inquiry topic each term with the school topic?
1. Create an inquiry Focus question
2. Research/analyse data from 2018
3. Look into others across the school/cluster who have inquired into similar topics previously-great for getting groundwork ideas 
4. Inquire new lines of pedagogy, test, trial, change practice
5. Reflect and share on your blog
6. Be willing to openly share and gain insight from your collaborative groups

Things to think about:
What is the problem? Focus on student needs, how can YOU change their learning?
What can YOU change/do? What do YOU need?
Finding expertise, observations, feedback, etc.
As the year progresses, do you need to revamp or edit your inquiry focus?

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