Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Summarising the Challenge

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Summarise the challenge of student learning you plan to focus on in this inquiry.
(WFRC: Post 1)

Focus Question: How will promoting vocabulary acquisition strengthen reading comprehension and stimulate student led dialogic conversations?

After listening to the Wolfe Fisher Research Centre present their Clusterwide findings from the 2018 school year, we spent some time looking at the data from our school and comparing it to the National Norm.

It was clear that we are still struggling to increase our reading results across the school (and cluster).  Looking at the Term 1 to Term 4 (Teacher Judgement) results from 2018, it is clear that while there is some shift in achievement many students remain below the National norm for their age group.

The graphs below show the Year 6 data (our students before they come into the Intermediate block) and the Year 8 data (the students leaving the Intermediate block heading off to High School).

This year, my reading class is comprised of 32 year 7 and 8 students and all are reading below grade level.  It is my hope to focus my Inquiry on the seven students just below the National norm who currently have a reading level of 10.5-11 years.

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