Friday, 16 August 2019

Digital Fluency Intensive #9

Today was our final Digital Fluency Intensive, and while I am excited to get back to being in my classroom on Fridays, I am going to miss learning new things each week. I always find it beneficial to spend time with my colleagues discussing our kaupapa and learning new things from one another.  Hopefully, in the future, there will be more opportunities for me to participate in other PLGs such as this and possibly help out with future DFI cohorts.

Manaiakalani: Ubiquitous Learning
Anytime. Anywhere. Any pace. From Anyone. Ubiquitous learning makes learning different from the way it “used to be”. Learning is no longer constrained by time, place, people or pace. Children today no longer needs to take place only in school.  This is so amazing for the learning of our students who generally are exposed to 30,000,000 less words than students living in higher decile areas. The summer learning journey has proven that our students are supported ubiquitously through technology and they have made exceptional growth in their learning in many areas.

If we as teachers, make a practice of rewindable learning and make sure that they are available digitally, then we are ensuring that all of our students have the tools they need to be successful. The students who need to see something more than once will potentially allow them greater understanding.

If it’s worth Teaching, it’s worth capturing.  
If it’s worth Learning, it’s worth capturing.

Google Classroom
It was great to get a quick crash course on Google Classroom before we began our Level 1 Certification Exams. It was extremely helpful considering this is a Google App for Education that we do not use in Manaiakalani as it does not directly follow our kaupapa.

Current classes will be shown, but to create a new classroom use the plus (+) button and you can join or create a class. Create class box comes us (Name, subject, Room Number, etc)  The front page for the class becomes like a message stream showing all communication in a feed. Classwork: create assignment, quiz, question, etc and then you can attach the task from your drive. google calendar will take you out to the calendar.  To add a student, click on People. To directly add: start typing the student’s name and they will appear Google Style to add them into the database.  To have a whole class log in, the teacher can send out a code to their class.

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