Thursday, 12 March 2020

Inquiry Stocktake

Using the ‘inquiry stocktake’ doc reflect on and write about what you aim to learn about inquiry this year. (WFRC #1)

As part of the February Manaiakalani Kahui Ako meeting, we spent some time listening to a report from the Wolfe Fisher Research Centre about how we did as CoL teachers during 2019. We then discussed what went well in 2019, what our challenges are for 2020, and where we need help while conducting our 2020 Inquiry.

2019 Reflection of what went well:

I really enjoyed the ongoing support from the Wolfe Fisher team. It was so helpful to receive comments on my blog posts and emails providing feedback. The way that our posts were directed gave us a format for conducting our Inquiry that made it relevant to our colleagues in our schools and across the CoL. It also provided us with a common vocabulary to use when discussing the Inquiry process with other teachers in our schools. It was also very valuable to have regular discussions with Dr. Jannie van Hees, both during our CoL sessions and during our Team discussions.

2019 Was Faced with some Challenges:

One of the challenges I faced was finding the correct literacy for the topic that I was inquiring into. I really needed to tap into the WFRC team a bit more to obtain information to help formulate my action steps. Another challenge (that become a hidden blessing), was the incorporating of the Genomics project into our schedule last year. In order to give the program justice we had to shorten our literacy time each week which sometimes meant that we had to alter our timing and find a new normal for our literacy rotations.

2020 Support Needed:

This year, as I work on my Inquiry I would love some support with knowing whether or not I am on the right page with my blog posts/WFRC Inquiry Questions on a more regular basis. The help I received last year was so beneficial. I would also love to reach out to the Wolfe Fisher team to obtain more direction with where to look for literary research to read or online access to literary resources. I feel that this is something that I did not take advantage of last year. I would also love to have a conversation with Dr. van Hees (or check into her book a little more) to hear her suggestions for increasing maths vocabulary. Wondering if you would take the same approach as a deep dive or do something different.

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