Thursday, 19 March 2020

School Collaboration and Focus for 2020

Collaborate with your senior leadership team and colleagues
to identify areas where your inquiry will make a powerful
contribution to wider school and cluster goals. 

Explain why you judge this to be the most important and catalytic issue of learning for this group of learners this year(WFRC #3)

This year, during our before school Professional Development the teachers at Pt England had a discussion with our Senior Management team about our focus as a school for 2020. It had been decided (based on the data from the Wolfe Fisher Research team) that as a school we will be focusing on teaching Maths for the year, and teaching Reading for the second half of the year in our Professional Development sessions. Therefore, we were asked to select our Inquiry focus around those two learning areas.

As a result of this discussion, I decided that I wanted to change my focus this year to maths as I have been focusing on Reading the past three years and I want to try to obtain accelerated yearly progress across the two subject areas this year (and possibly in writing as well).

I had a meeting with one of our Associate Principals about my Inquiry focus and he really challenged me to take a step back and determine what I felt my class needed to be stretched as we refocus on our PES style of Maths best practise.

Then, we had our first school wide Inquiry group meetings and my group for this term is led by our school Principal, which was great because I really felt flustered at that meeting not really knowing where my Inquiry focus was going to be directed to at that point in time.  Sometimes, it takes being knocked down in your thinking to put you back to the beginning in order obtain a fresh look at your end goal and gain a new perspective.

Thankfully, I now have a new perspective. I have since decided that we have spent many years looking at reading through the lens of vocabulary acquisition and reading wider and deeper in order to promote self efficacy in students to participate in dialogic conversations. So, why couldn't I try to do change my maths teaching style to do something similar with my Teaching as Inquiry this year?

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