Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Blogging for Reading Mileage

My small group of students have started to finish their first blog posts about their chapter books.

Oalii was very excited to write about what she read in Chapter 1.  She made me laugh when she eagerly asked if she was allowed to write, "To be continued..." at the end of her post.

As taken from Oalii's Blog...

It was a school day Emma was not at school. She was at spy school at that school she was learning to be a spy. Today was Emma last test once she is done with this test she'll be a real spy. The test was if she'll is a real spy she'd have to take her last test. So she went to put her jumping gear and climbed in the helicopter. They sat in their seats and when they went hay up to the sky she got butterfly in her poko. but she jumped anyways when she jumped she didn't have anymore butterfly she throght it was very fun and also when she jumped she was a real spy.

                                                                 TO BE Continued

So far, the students are still pumped to be reading 'special' books and the those who have begun to write their first blog post are nearly finished.  The biggest obstacle we are having right now is time.  Chromebooks are still very new to my group of learners and everything learning task takes longer than expected as they learn to navigate their machines, Google Apps and typing on a keyboard.  I am confident that the reading is happening.  However, the children are still struggling to complete their blog posts in a timely manner.

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