Monday, 13 March 2017

Ubiquitous Learning is Rewindable

At today's staff meeting, the staff at PES was blessed to have Dorothy Burt come and share with us once again on the topic of "Rewindable Learning."  This was a great reminder for me about the importance of having learning rewindable for my students, especially since I am focusing on rewindable learning with my maths students this year.  Another great reminder was different ways to effectively blog with our students, on our class blogs, and more personally on our professional "inquiry to teaching" blogs.


  1. Hi Angela, I'm pleased this was helpful in the context of your maths inquiry as well as for your professional blog. I am very interested to see the process and outcomes of your maths learners making full use of rewindable learning.

    1. Thanks Dorothy! So far, it has been very helpful and I have seen the kids watching the Explain Everything from their micro group time. Thanks for your support and yesterday's reminders.