Monday, 20 March 2017

PD: Making Maths Count-Jo Knox

Today, we had our first staff Maths PD of 2017 with Jo Knox.  We spent the afternoon looking deeper into the different maths stages of the Number Framework.  During our discussions, we looked into the various strategies that a student would use while working at different stages to complete the same maths problem.

When looking at number knowledge and strategy Jo made a few points that I found to be the most important to remember.

  • Number and Strategy are equally important. 
  • All strategies are dependant on the knowledge needed to successfully complete the strategy.
  • When looking at a student's Maths stage, you need to remember that they are about how a student chooses to solve the problem using that stage.
These are all such great reminders as we prepare to begin assessing our students' using the GLOSS test for their reports at the beginning of Term 2.

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