Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Anne's A-Team!

Today, we had our second CoL Meeting of the term, and we were split into groups to share what we would do differently in our own practice as a teacher, based on the evidence that we have gathered.  I was put into an amazing group of women, facilitated by Anne Sinclair.

As we shared, we were asked to discuss the following points using our Inquiry blogs a reference to highlight how our evidence was organised to be visible and accessible to our colleagues.

  • What information, strategies, tools did you use to determine what your students have already learned and what they need to learn next?
  • Based on this evidence what are you planning to do differently as a teacher? What might you need help with?

It was amazing to realise that as we discussed, we all had different Inquiry focuses and topics, but we were all able to relate in some way to each other when thinking of what we are going to do differently.  Amazingly enough, as a team we were able to come up with "A" words to describe our teaching role in our next step, such as Auditory, Analyse, Actor and Amalgamate.

My next step was described by Anne as "Allowing" for student voice.  Anne shared that she once wrote telling students that they are "allowed to be aloud."  Hopefully, I will be able to borrow a copy of Anne's paper and share some key ideas from it that I will be able to apply to my classroom.


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