Monday, 5 March 2018

Baseline Data: Word Recognition

When thinking about my Inquiry, I was having a conversation with a colleague who suggested that I do a word recognition test with my focus group, and see how they progress during the year.  When considering the tests available, I first looked at both the Clay and Duncan tests.  However, the Stanines for both of these tests only go to age 7.

Thankfully, I believe the Burt word reading test suits the age group of my students more.   After reading through a list of words, students will be rated according to the words they are able to recognise and read correctly.  This will provide me with a Stanine score that will equate Equivalent Reading age band.  This will allow me to formulate next steps in vocabulary acquisition for my students.

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Today, I will begin working through my focus group to see how they do on this assessment.  

Watch this space...

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