Thursday, 15 March 2018

CoL PD: Theory of Action

Once again, our kahui ako was able to spend some time hearing from Dr. Rebecca Jessen
and Dr. Aaron Wilson from the Woolf Fisher Research Centre at Auckland University.
They began by asking us the following question:

What will it take to obtain knowledge that is transferable when looking at our Inquiries?

TARGET: What is my theory of action?  How will I know?

The logic of what we are doing:


A causal chain is when a cause leads to an effect and that effect becomes the cause of another effect.

How and why will the specific outcome impact the general achievement challenge?

How and why will the teaching impact the specific outcome?

Source: Woolf Fisher Presentation

These next three questions to ponder we presented to us to consider when working through our own
teaching inquiry.  I will be spending some time working on my own answers at this time
over the next week or so.

-Why is important to articulate all the links in your theory?
Making it obvious for my own Inquiry!!

-What knowledge and knowledge-building activities are needed to develop a strong theory?
-What is it I want to see change for the kids will be knowledge-building for me as the


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