Friday, 16 March 2018

Janni van Hees: Where will you put the lens?

As part of our bi-termly, Kahui Ako meeting, we were able once again to spend some time learning from Dr. Janni van Hees about Language Abundance. Below are my points to ponder and take home notes from our session.

Dr. Janni van Hees
Language in Abundance-Where will you put the lens?

Flourishing my learning and language
  • -Focus and notice
  • Put in the effort
  • Take part (participate) fully
  • Push yourself to the edge
  • Dig deep for what you already know
  • Learn from others-notice and focus
  • You share-others gain from you
  • Think and talk; think and read
  • Wondering and asking opens up possibilities to know
This allows for students to feel empowered to contribute to not only their own learning but the
learning of others around them.

CONTEXT RELEVANT LEARNING-This should be the teacher focus!

One of the biggest challenges for students in schools like ours is acquiring the language that is
needed to literary-type context.  

Case Study Notes:
Using visuals brings reality to a lesson for our students.
-It is ok to provide the rich language and have the students unpack what they think it might
-Be sure to keep having students repeat the learning availability in order to
provide avenues of recycling for student retention.
-Teacher needs to be sure to select the right pictures and provide 3-4 of the
correct rich language descriptions
-Provide opportunities for the students to NOTICE and FOCUS.

It’s not about providing opportunities to talk, but provide opportunities to build your knowledge
of complete language structures (word groups, text types).

Using what students have direct access to and tapping into that resource is allowing
excitement to build and ownership to develop of their own learning.

Language in Abundance: Impacting focuses
-Reading tsunami: each learner, each class, each school, CoL Wide-


-content knowledge-expanded perspectives and experiences
-grammatical and vocabulary knowledge-worlds open up
-VocabularyPlosion: Use WordPlosion intensively/regularly +/or implement core
elements-explicit attention to vocab
-Conversational Teaching and Learning: quality scaffolded ideas exchanges
as the ‘norm’
-Topic specific Spoken Texts: quality and quantity

-Explicit language attention in every context: quality-cutting edge-

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