Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Term 4: Maths Inquiry Update

This term, I plan to continue using the strategies that we discussed with Jo during our Term 3 Professional Development.  However, as we move towards preparing our students for their end of the year testing, I am also placing more of a focus on problem solving and small group discussions.  This is a very difficult thing for the students in my class for a variety of reasons.  Some find the actual text of the story problem difficult to understand and unpack, and others have a difficult time deciding which problem solving method to use.  This generally results in reverting back to the easiest method that they have been doing for the longest period of time (skip counting, counting on, etc).  Unfortunately, this means that they are not progressing when they are tested even though they are able to use some higher level thinking to solve problems.  

The students in my class are still trying to break through the confidence barrier.  This means that we are spending a lot of time discussing problems and helping our friends understand how to do something using their in class learning assignments, MathsWhizz and micro-learning group sessions. 

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