Friday, 13 October 2017

ULearn 2017: Brad Waid Engaging Globally Connected Students

“Engaging the ‘Globally’ connected student of today.”


Guided Questions:
What are kids learning?
Where are they learning?
What is our role as Educators?
What are the y sharing?
Would they share what we are teaching?

The Role of an Educator: Times have changed...have we?
A 21st Century Teacher MUST be able to engage with a 21st Century Learner
Are we preparing our students for “Their Future”
….Or for “Our Future”?

Sometimes the key to opening a kid’s mind is to find the “device that speaks his language.”  However, the most important component of that key is beginning with the relationship a teacher has with their students.

We are a ‘physical’ goods generation.  However, technology can easily be leveraged for an educational outcome.   For example, PokemonGo got kids outside, but more importantly the locations that kids needed to go to were the places of importance in those cities (libraries, parks, memorials, etc).

RULE(e) -We all have a gift to give...what will you give?
Relationships Engaging technologies bring people closer together.
Understanding What unites us is stronger than what divides us.
Learn Successful people use roadblocks as learning opportunities.
Environment Our environment is something we can have an immediate impact in.
(e)xpression If one person sees what you share and it’s a positive impact it’s a great thing!

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