Friday, 13 October 2017

ULearn 2017: A Kāhui Ako Journey with Viv Hall

Breakout Session 3: Ready, set....change
Presenter: Viv Hall

An overview of one Kāhui Ako Journey
Whenu: The 7 Key Roles of Leadership

Why role do you see as your role?
Although I see these roles as interwoven, I choose advocate because it is important to remember not to get lost in the newness of that latest but continually remember in the background why we are doing what we are doing.  Keeping the students at the forefront and remembering the ways that we can help alleviate the needs of the teachers around us when we are focusing on our CoL roles.

When dealing with difficult problems, consider who in your team fits into the various leadership roles.  This will enable you to acquire the correct fix for that situation.

Rethinking Professional Learning
CoLs have many opinions coming together and it is important that participants do not obtain a “I don’t care...Just keep up.” attitude.

-When thinking about the work that you are about to do...what is your greatest hope? What is your greatest fear?
-Put your answers on a padlet.
-Take a look at the answers of others and leave a comment that reframes the fear
(What do you already know...that might be helpful?)
-At the end of the term, go back into the padlet, and add (edit) to your comment to include an updated reflection on how things ended up happening.

In the midst of controversy regarding is important to remember that you have to have a “burning platform” in order to bring about change (Kotter)

Remember to paraphrase and listen when working with others. In order to fully understand someone you need to be fully listening.

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