Friday, 13 October 2017

ULearn 2017: Coding Breakouts

Breakout Session #1: Mihi Maker
Presenter: Dan Milward (not present...sick)

Provides a step by step code experience that allows students to use code blocks to fill in the different portions of their personal mihi.  Gamefroot offers many free assets for teachers to use with their students at a variety of different coding levels.

This is a simple usage of pre-existing code that students need to look through to add the components of their personal mihi to complete the game.  This is great for the kids at our school because it allows them to have a play at coding while working through the mihi that we are already working to learn with Whaea Saf. 

Breakout Session 2: Integrating Coding (Computational Thinking) into your classroom programme
Presenter: David Kinane

Using coding to Create and Share concepts Learnt about it class.

This type of computational thinking is cyclical, and allows students to identify a problem, list steps to achieve a goal in order to create an abstraction and identify a pattern to help create an algorithm before achieving an outcome which allows for personal reflection on what to do to make it better.

Using Makey Makey to create a musical instrument. (Remember: Someone must be holding “Earth” for it to work)

I am excited to see if we are able to use some Makey Makey kits this coming term for our Inquiry "Musical Madness" where are students will be creating their own music. It would be awesome to have them set up on 1-2 iMacs in our space for student exploration in a small group.

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