Saturday, 14 October 2017

ULearn 2017: Keynote #3 Dr. Ann Milne

Closing Keynote: Dr. Ann Milne
Kia Aroha College-

Teach for All-Teach First NZ
Young children are not concerned about where they put colour on the page in their colouring book...until society teaches them that certain colours belong in certain places.

The system’s hegemony over Māori now includes mainstream.
Mainstream = Whitestream
-It is key to remember that white spaces are everywhere...even in your head.

“Your identity is formed by the way other people see you” -Ann Milne

Who defines our community?  
Without our culture we have no identity, and without our identity we have no community.

Developing Māori and Cultural Identity needs to occur everyday and everywhere.

Schools have a responsibility to sustain cultural practices of communities of colour.  We are not here purely to close an education gap.  Teaching kids in poverty to “Play the game” is not enough.  Students need to have the tools to take control of their destiny.

The expectation is that you WILL succeed.  The challenge is to put them in places (and with people/resources) where that can occur. Being Māori means that you are powerful.  That includes being powerful in your education and knowledge.

Students need to academically and culturally strong.

It’s not culturally sustaining, if it’s not critical.
Three Goals of Critical Pedagogy (Moreli & Duncan Andrade 2008)
  1. Empowered cultural identify
  2. Academic achievement
  3. Action for social change

All students are on a journey from unrealised to unlimited student should have a label (gifted, special needs etc).  As a student’s relationships and cultural identity grow their journey from unrealised to unlimited potential is achieved. Identity and Relationships grow and then maths, reading and writing will follow.  

Students need to become warrior scholars!
-able to achieve
-take action
-create change
-inspire others to make change

What does success and achievement look like in our school using this continuum?

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